Take Home Project: Styrofoam Printing


  • Styrofoam Plate
  • markers
  • sponge/paper towel
  • drawing paper/white construction paper


  • Cut the plate so that only the flat section remains (you can leave in a circle or cut in to another shape)
  • Sketch out your ideas on a piece of paper (Remember that the print with be a mirror image – meaning if you write words, you’ll need to write them completely backwards in order to print correctly)
  • Once you decide on what you want to draw – redraw your image on the plate with a pencil or pen (make sure to press hard enough to leave an impression but don’t poke through the plate)
  • Color over your design with markers (remember the flat areas will print with color and the drawn portions with remain white)
  • Use a sponge or paper towel to lighten dampen the paper
  • Flip over your plate and press on to the paper. Rub the back of the plate to transfer the marker to the paper. (Be careful not to move the plate or your image will smudge)
  • Lift the plate to reveal your finished print
  • You can reprint by coloring again with marker and repeating the process of printing

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