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Tour the 2020 Hoyt Regional Juried Exhibition

Permanent Collection Features

Closed Form, stoneware, Toshiko Takaezu

Ailey Dance, wood, Thaddeus Mosley

Dawn in the Woods, pastel on paper, Wolf Kahn

Artist Studio Tours

Jim West, Sculptor: West is known for his monumental figurative works in bronze. West brings a bold style and passion to the contemporary art scene with a new series of interactive sculptures incorporating light, kinetics, and sound. His distinct fusion of technology with sculpture is redefining figurative art and multi-media storytelling through intensely visceral, abstract works that ignite uniquely personal, emotional responses.

Mary B. Mason, metal smith: The foundation of my Mason’s experience is built upon twenty-five years of creating and teaching art in four different states. Moving to the Pittsburgh area from Baton Rouge, Louisiana has helped her to make connections with people and materials for my glass on metal pieces. Her Statement Pieces are created not only to wear, but to tell a story, communicate an idea, or to make a statement. Some qualities can inherently amplify concept and expression of social awareness, political ideology, gender identity or personal experience.

Michael Stephens: Stephens’ passion in art is in the direction of found object creations. He started working in the jewelry medium with found objects back in the 1980’s and is expanding into the creation of art objects, sculptures, steampunk and wall art. Some of his work fits into the steampunk genre while much of it simply reflects the large pallet that found-objects offer to an artist. Most of his work is true one of a kind art. Often duplicates can not be be made because the materials are not available. However, that reality also reflects my desire to purchase and procure only those objects that are one-time finds.

Bill Brunken: Tour the studio and get a demonstration by Pittsburgh Artist Bill Brunken.

Thomas McNickle: New Castle native and nationally recognized landscape painter takes us on a tour of his Volant studio while giving us insite into his work, his methods, and the countryside that inspires him.


Art Demonstrations

Raku Firing  Slippery Rock’s Anthony DeRosa explains the science behind the centuries old technique of Raku Firing!  Watch for upcoming raku workshops this summer!

Stained Glass Demo Hoyt student, Louis Recchione, shares what he’s learned in Stained Glass class by making a sun catcher.  Classes will resume this fall!

Online Lessons for Kids

Follow along with Miss Paige & Mr. Bob in these virtual lessons.

Cherry Blossom Paint Along

Experimental Landscape Painting

Basket Weaving

Styrofoam Meat Tray Printing

Weaving with TP Rolls


Collage a Story

Creative ReUse: Magazines

Pop-Up Cards

Cardboard Game

TP Roll Animals

At Home Projects for Kids

Using simple supplies you can find at home, follow these instructions to create a variety of projects!

What Will Hatch?

Styrofoam Printing

Make your own Bookmark

Balloon Rockets

Japanese Fans


Creative Challenges for Kids

March 30: Paint Outdoors

April 6: Ukrainian “Eggs”

April 13: Maze Drawing

April 21: Write a Poem or Song

April 27: Drip Painting

May 4: Draw a Portrait

May 11: Paint a Flower

May 18: Draw Animals

May 25: Sidewalk Chalk

STEAM Challenges for Kids


Homemade Clay / Birds Nest

Paper Airplanes

Make a newspaper chair

Balloon Rockets

Non-dominate hand drawing

Design a Treasure Map

Make a Animal Mask

Make it Move

Featured Project of the week (Teens & Adults)

March 30 – April 4: Blackout Poetry Art

April 5 – 11: Alcohol Ink Marbled Eggs

April 12-18: Rag Wreath

April 19-25: 20 Minute Bursts

April 26-May 2: Quilling

May 3-10: Magazine Faux Mosaic

May 11 -17: DIY Bath Bombs

May 18-24: Make your own Mug

May 25-31: Ice Dyed Pillow Case

More Featured Projects

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