Creative Play

Creative Play is designed to provide our youngest innovators, ages 3-7, the opportunity to draw, paint, design, build, invent and engineer the world they imagine. As an official Imagination Chapter, we’ll participate in global design challenges and share our art and inventions on our Facebook Page.

Classes are free and meet once a month on Saturdays, 10-11:30 am. Parents are welcome to stay (but it is not required).

Please note, due to social distancing guidelines, class sizes have been reduced and pre-registration online or by phone (724.652.2882) is now required. No walk-ins will be accepted. To safeguard your health and the health of others, please read our updated policies.

Upcoming Classes


Creative Play: Inventor’s Challenge - Park Sculpture
Save the Date: Jan 22, 2022

We'll explore the photography exhibit of Bill Lyons then design a sculpture for one of his images in Central Park! All materials provided.

Creative Play: Frame Your Story!
Save the Date: Feb 26, 2022

Artists tell stories through their artwork all the time - without using any words! Students will choose a story and create a 'picture scroll' to manually rotate images within a
picture frame as they narrate.

Creative Play: Make a Mini Masterpiece
Save the Date: Mar 26, 2022

In conjunction with the Hoyt's 3rd Annual Mini Masterpiece Competition, students will use layers of tissue paper squares to mimic the color and pattern of Monet's waterlilies!

Creative Play: Make a Moody Mona!
Save the Date: Apr 23, 2022

We'll look for examples of expressions in paintings and imagine how they might look and feel if they changed. Then student will choose a famous (yet faceless) portrait to color in and add a strip of expressions that change as they are pulled through the portrait!

Creative Play: One of a Kind Printmaking!
Save the Date: May 28, 2022

Using works in the Regional Juried Exhibition as inspiration, students will find and recreate patterns and designs then make prints!

Creative Play: Use Your Senses - Drawing!
Save the Date: Jun 25, 2022

Tour the galleries to explore the sounds, smells, and flavors embodied in the artwork, then its your turn! Students will create drawings of what is hidden in a series of bags based on what they feel, hear and smell.

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