Creative Play

Creative Play is designed to provide our youngest innovators, ages 3-7, the opportunity to draw, paint, design, build, invent and engineer the world they imagine.  Parents are welcome to stay, but it is not required.

Upcoming Classes

Creative Play: Shrinky Dink Magic
Save the Date: Oct 28, 2023

Stroll through the walkway to look at the glass sculptures before going upstairs to create our shrinky dink artwork. Although we cannot work with glass, we can use a material that melts, reforms, and has a glossy finish. Draw, color and then place your artwork in the toaster oven to watch it bend, warp, and shrink into a finished piece. Students will have the option of making artwork into jewelry, keychains, or magnets.

Creative Play: Create a Maze
Save the Date: Jan 27, 2024

Students will work collaboratively to create a maze with winding paths and dead ends. Use tapes, pool noodles, and cardboard to layout the maze before testing it. Students will also get to try their hand at drawing a mini maze on paper and take home maze coloring pages to continue the fun.

Creative Play: Fabulous Faces
Save the Date: Mar 2, 2024

Take a moment to identify the different parts and the face and the amazing expressions they can make. Families will explore different papers to create shapes that will come together to make a big collage face. Get inspired by silly expressions and abstract portraits.

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