Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2023

Together we can gift the gift of art!

Support the next generation of inventors, innovators, engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs with a gift to the After School Arts program this Giving Tuesday!

We don’t need research to tell us the innumerable lessons art offers in “practice makes perfect”, “small things can make a big difference” and “collaboration leads to creativity”! We have seen it for ourselves! Making art teaches students that there are several ways to approach a problem, and several ways to solve it. Connecting art to history and science helps them understand how creativity helps people communicate and connect ideas to the explain and advance the world around them. Not only can these skills help children develop into better students, but better human beings!

While numerous reports discuss the ways that increased access and involvement in arts education encourages students to succeed in school, life and work, not every student has access to these quality learning experiences. That’s where After School Arts steps in.

After School Arts is a free after-school program offering grades 1-6 access to a variety of free art-making experiences throughout the school year. Students have opportunities to tour the galleries, exhibit their work, and try new media from week to week. Registration is flexible to allow families to schedule around other activities. Lessons range from exploring significant historical events to employing an experiential idea trending in tech! All materials and snacks are included regardless of income status.

Since launching After School Arts in 2008, we have witnessed hundreds of students – including some of the most disadvantaged – becoming high school valedictorians, college athletes, entrepreneurs, teachers and, yes, some really great artists, too! They continue to visit, volunteer and attest to the impact that the program has had on their lives. Through this we have learned that After School Arts is not about achieving awards and titles, but building a foundation for becoming creative and resilient individuals.

Help us continue that work by donating today!

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