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Art’s Club Workshops are held (most) months on Saturdays. Ages 3-7 & 8-12 meet 11 am – 12:30 pm and ages 13-16 meet 1 -2:30 pm.

Please note, due to social distancing guidelines, class sizes have been reduced and pre-registration online or by phone (724.652.2882) is now required. No walk-ins will be accepted. To safeguard your health and the health of others, please read our updated policies.

Youth Membership

As a member of “Art’s Club” you’ll receive all the perks of an individual membership PLUS free Saturday afternoon workshops, access to field trips and three “buddy passes” to bring along a friend! Already have a family membership (or higher)? Your children can opt in for free! Not a Hoyt Member? Workshops are just $10 each!

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Upcoming Workshops

Art's Club: Dr. Sparks Assembly
Save the Date: Aug 15, 2020

About the Show

A Biophysics PhD and former Amazon software engineer, Doctor Sparks performs his STEAMshows combining his internet-of-things inventions with traditional storytelling. It’s Mister Rogers meets Bill Nye!

Your students will visualize data from a “smart” pogo stick, teddy bear, and juggling balls. They may get to hold inflating robotic muffins, dance on stage to simulate brownian motion, or sing a call and response song about heat. And they’ll hear a set of stories about a trickster gopher who learns about forces, fractions, heat, and friendship.

The Details

The Art's Club Assembly Programs are free and open to current Art's Club Members only. Buddy Passes cannot be used for this event. (Click HERE to join). In order to adhere current social distancing guidelines, the event will be held outside under a tent, attendance is limited and pre-registration is required.

Meet Dr. Sparks



Art's Club: Printed Trees
Save the Date: Sep 19, 2020

Students will create a mixed media autumn forest. Beginning by choosing various shapes for tree foliage, they will then print details of branches and create a layered artwork of trees.

Art's Club: Symmetry Creature
Save the Date: Oct 17, 2020

Students will review the basics of symmetry and then draw 1 half of a creature (can be made from loopy lines or even writing a word in cursive – assistance given to younger students). Transfer the line to the opposite side of the paper, open and reveal a symmetric creature – add details and color to the monster but remember to keep it the same on both side. Then name it for fun and give it a back story!

Art's Club: Bundled Up Animals
Save the Date: Jan 16, 2021

Students will draw the animal of their choice in a portrait style and design them a warm knitted sweater. Students will draw their animal and sweater, adding color to the sweater design and cutting all of it out to glue on to a background of their choice.

Art's Club: Expandable Watercolor Scene
Save the Date: Mar 20, 2021

Learn about foreground, middle ground, and background by creating a layered watercolor painting that will stand up on its own when finished. By using a single folded sheet of watercolor paper, students will have a broken down understanding of areas of a painting – when folded together it will create a full image.

Art's Club: Upcycled for Earth Day!
Save the Date: Apr 17, 2021

Shrinky Dink creations from #6 plastic recyclables. Students will get to make a design, trace it on to the plastic, and watch it shrink into a miniature artwork. Students can make keychains, charms, or three-dimensional embellishments for artwork.

Art's Club: Clay
Save the Date: May 15, 2021

Students will work with air dry clay to create a summer lantern to hold a tea light candle. They will get to design the shape, add texture, and include cutouts to make a functional artwork.

Art's Club: Birthday Cake Oil Pastels
Save the Date: Jun 19, 2021

Wayne Thiebaud inspired cake oil pastel drawings with snacks to celebrate the wrap up this year’s Art’s Club. Students will learn about perspective while depicting a colorful cake in oil pastels in preparation of celebrating the birthday of America.

Meet Our Instructors

Miss Paige: Art’s Club is led by Assistant Education Coordinator, Paige Kleinfelder. Paige earned her art degree from Elmira College. Prior to the Hoyt, she served as Education Coordinator for the Associated Artists of Butler County. Paige leads the Hoyt’s popular Creative Play program for ages 3-7 and instructs the Jr. High STEAM program for the New Castle Area School District’s CANES Club program.

Mr. Bob: Bob Presnar is the Hoyt’s Education Director. He is a certified K-12 teacher with a MA in History from Slippery Rock University. He has served as the instructor for the Hoyt’s After School Arts Program since its inception in 2008.

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