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Register by the week or for the full program! Classes meet Tues-Thurs, 4-5:30 pm. Doors open at 3:00 pm for homework and snacks. Free to grades 1-6 in Lawrence County. Class size limited. Pre-registration required.



Winter 2023

Week I: January 10-12

Frozen Over

The increasingly chilly weather has inspired this week’s project using unusual methods to create iced-dyed pillowcases and painting with ice! We’ll also look below the surface to paint a frozen lake and make paper snowflakes.

Week II: January 17-19

Art with the Masters

Each year the Hoyt hosts a Mini Masterpiece Competition challenging all ages to copy a masterpiece on a 3” x 3” canvas. Create your masterpiece in class (entry is optional) then mosaic a famous artwork in paper and mixed media.

Week III: January 24-26

Story Art

Bring your favorite book or come ready to share your favorite story! This week will focus on visualizing what you read in drawings, clay characters and book covers.

Week IV: January 31- February 2

Colorful Landscapes

Beat the winter blues by creating colorful landscapes based on the color wheel. You’ll learn what primary colors are and how to mix them to create all the colors in the rainbow!

Week V: February 7-9

Only One

Learn to make one of a kind art – literally. Students will create monochromatic paintings, using only one color, and monoprints, a type of printmaking that results in only one print!

Week VI: February 14-16

We Love Art!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts! Let’s celebrate the art we love with a Valentine’s Card to our favorite artists, a mixed media portrait of yourself in your favorite masterpiece, and a picture frame to show off your work.

Week VII: February 21-23

ABC’s of Abstract

Learn how simple marks can lead to intricate abstract paintings. Lessons will start off with drawing and move to abstract painting on canvas.

Week VIII: February 28-March 2

Harmonious Circuits

This week’s lessons are inspired by Andrew Chalfen, an artist using circuitry components and sheet music in his art! Create an abstract drawing on graph paper the experiment with Google Music Lab to see what your abstract artwork might sound like. We’ll make simple circuits and mixed media projects using circuitry components, too!

Week IX: March 7-9


This week’s lessons are all about you! Learn what artists reveal about themselves in self-portraits to create your own portraits in watercolors and digital media. Think about what objects reflect your personality and bring them to class!

Week X: March 14-16

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Kermit the Frog by making your own muppet! We’ll celebrate the luck of the Irish, too, with a shrinky dink shamrocks by week’s end.

Week XI: March 21-23

Planting the Seeds

We’ll visit the galleries to view the watercolors of JD Titzel then complete projects inspired by our agricultural history to make a ceramic flower pot you will paint and plant in and a drawing visualizing your own farm.


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