Sculptural Storylines

Mar 26May 16, 2024

Sculptures by Mark & Jan Wiesner

As sculptors, these artists respond to the world visually, texturally, and with volume. As humans, theri responses are to both the outside world as well as to our interior world. The result is sculptural forms that are both intimate and personal in their telling of universal tropes.

Storylines reference the sculptural lines that weave together a tale, leading one into a dynamic, rhythmic movement of organic lines
or into a fashioned world of the ceramic figure within her environment, caught in a time of emotional thought. . . . each, in its own way, telling a story for the viewer to discover and thus to connect with the work.

With different voices . . . within different mediums, their sculptures speak to each other. Mark’s work involves making use of ubiquitous materials, elevating them with meticulous care, transforming, almost resurrecting them, giving them new meaning within new contexts. They speak with dynamic flowing lines and an abundance of energy. Jan’s work is that of an author in clay where the inception of the work and its intention is bringing words, stories and fragments of stories to life visually. . . . both artists seeking to engage the viewer both visually as well as in making a connection through the power of shared stories.

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