Force/Counter Force

Mar 26May 16, 2024

Ceramics by Silvija Singh

These abstract porcelain sculptures are about Repair and Renewal.  In these works I am able to embody opposite ideas simultaneously.  As the title Force/Counter-Force implies, first I try to depict the overwhelming forces that at times hit us.  These can be forces from nature, like hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, the shift of tectonic plates.  But they can also be from people.  The sculptures first embody that acute moment when the force hits and everything seems to be Coming Apart.  We feel the force might fragment us.  All is in pieces.  We can’t see a future….  Yet, we stand still in the middle.  We pick up the pieces.  We quilt them back Together.  As in the sculptures, the pieces don’t always go back to their original spots.  Bruises, scars, gaps remain, and yet a new whole is formed that can be quite lovely.  In Repairing, we Renew. We find a way.  And in so doing, we become beautiful.   

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