The House that Hoyt Built

Save the Date: Aug 27, 2020

Inspired by recent acquisition of three journals written by Mrs. Alex Crawford Hoyt, Arts & Education at the Hoyt presents The House that Hoyt Built in the Hoyt’s Main Galleries through August 27.

The rekindled interest in the Hoyt family was sparked this past December upon receiving a gift of three journals from Sara Walbridge, great niece of June.  June not only documented the construction of her beloved home between 1914-1916, but kept a detailed accounting of expenses, building materials, contractors, and design choices.  More importantly, however, these journals provided us with first-hand accounts of day to day activities that offer valuable insight into the personalities and the era that helped shape our community in the early 20th century.

Arts & Education at the Hoyt began releasing a series of videos titled The House that Hoyt Built in early May. This corresponding exhibit builds upon the content of those videos with newspaper clippings, photographs, furniture, paintings, clothing, china and many other artifacts once belonging to the prominent family. It will remain on exhibit through August 27 as additional videos are released.

“This has been a tremendous journey,” says Kimberly Koller-Jones, Executive Director and Chief Curator. “The deeper we dig, the more we seem to uncover! It’s reminded us of how significant these buildings are and how important it is to preserve them and their history. The closure was a blessing in disguise in that regard. It gave us the time to focus our roots and the Period House.”

Donations of historically appropriate clothing, art, decorative arts, antiques and other community memorabilia are continually accepted for the Period House.

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