The Conditional

Jul 5Sep 7, 2023

Sculpture & Drawings by James Parlin

A humorous collection of figures in cast aluminum, The Conditional explores how we deal with the human condition, for better or for worse.  The sculptures are accompanied by conceptual drawings, a first step to visualizing the sculpture in wax which is then cast into aluminum.

There’s Bermuda Bob, “Lord of All He Surveys”, examining the landscaping in his front yard with the proprietary of an English Lord; and Old Adam and Eve, suddenly realizing that the garden is not so ripe and green as we age.

Parlin received his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981, and is currently a tenured Professor of Art at Penn-West Edinboro.  He served as department chair for twelve years.  His work can be found in a variety of regional and national venues across the country.  Parlin is represented by the Schmidt Dean Gallery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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