Sketching New Castle

Apr 23Jun 13, 2024

Pen & Ink Drawings

by Guglielmo Botter

Guglielmo Botter is an Italian/American architect, artist and writer, born in 1966 in Treviso, Italy. As a young child he sketched the buildings and sights around his hometown. His first solo exhibition titled, “Forty Drawings of an Eleven Year Old Boy” was held in Treviso. At 13, he won a national contest in Rome against 350,000 other students. His drawing of Treviso later became an official Italian stamp.

Following his family’s artistic heritage with three generations of artists and sculptors, Guglielmo decided on a career in architecture. His father Memi and grandfather Girolamo saved and restored many frescoes in the region of Veneto inspiring Guglielmo to focus on the study of architecture. He was a practicing architect for many years and taught at the International University of Art at Guidecca Island, Venice.

Because of the economic crisis in Italy in 2012, Guglielmo closed his architectural firm and decided to move to the US to pursue his interest in creating art as his mother had done in Pittsburgh during the 1950’s and 60’s. He combined his Italian aesthetic, which is deeply rooted in historic buildings with an American urban landscape to create his first series of drawings called Steel City.

“In the middle of my life, I was attracted to the American dream. It was not by chance I came to Pittsburgh — it was a home to my ancestors and art. My great- grandfather Frank Longaro came to Western Pennsylvania from Italy in the late 1800s to work as a miner. He went on to open a general store in Avonmore, Westmoreland County. His daughter, my grandmother, returned to Italy to marry. There, my mother Lyù was born in 1936 — on July 4, by the way. A U.S. citizen born abroad, she ended up in New York in 1946 with her American grandmother. My mother lived in Avonmore,   where family continued operating my great-grandfather’s store.”

Guglielmo now lives in Pittsburgh during the summer months and travels back to Italy for the remainder of the year. His initial series of Pittsburgh drawings has blossomed into a series of sketches for multiple towns and cities from Harrisburg, PA to Jasper, Indiana.

Unable to travel during the pandemic, Guglielmo started looking for new opportunities. He applied for two residencies in Assisi, Italy, and Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. He was selected for both and exhibited his latest works in those locations. With the travel doors opening once again, he began his newest series of city drawings in New Castle, PA – featured at the Atrium Gallery at UPMC Jameson.

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