Amazing US Landscapes

Nov 14, 2023Jan 11, 2024

Paintings by Steph Moraca

Artist Steph Moraca has dedicated much of her life exploring the natural wonders of the United States, gathering inspiration from national parks, wildlife conservations, and other public lands captured in her paintings.

Arts & Education at the Hoyt is pleased to present her most recent collection, Amazing US Landscapes, at The Confluence, November 14, 2023-January 11, 2024.

“Over the past few years, I have embarked on a quest to seek out and paint the most stunning and inspiring scenes in our country’s landscape,” said the artist.”My hope is that as you gaze at these paintings you will be transported to these iconic vistas,too.” 

Yet Moraca’s interest in scenic America isn’t purely artistic.  She hopes viewers also recognize the collective responsibility of our nation to actively work towards conservation and protections of these places to ensure they remain intact for future generations.  That includes the viewer.

Steph Moraca’s respect for the natural landscape was instilled in her as a child through family vacations and travel.  She began her artist journey at age 10, immersing herself into studio drawing classes.  By age 12, she began painting and eventually received a BA in Studio Arts from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. For a short time, she pursued a career as an environmental geologist, but deeply missed her connection to the world through art.  Today, Moraca is dedicated to painting full-time.

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