Hoyt Members’ Show

May 7Jun 27, 2024

More than fifty works by artists and members of Arts & Education at the Hoyt are now on display at The Confluence through June 27.  The eclectic group of paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics and sculpture represents a broad pool of local talent stemming from thirty regional artists.  From found objects and social commentary to traditional watercolor still-life and crisp nature photography, there’s something for everyone to experience and enjoy.

 “There is no prerequisite to be a Hoyt Artist member,” says Executive Director, Kimberly Koller-Jones. “That’s the beauty of this membership tier.  It focuses on developing and supporting artists in all stages of development with opportunities to learn, network, exhibit and compete. It meets you where you are, and helps you grow from there.”

Participating artists include: Lisa Berczel, Michael Bilski, Dorit Brauer, Mark Cappabianco, Shawn Catterson, John Conway, Sally Dexter, Eleanor Earnhart, Andrew Hazelton, Paige Hemke Kleinfelder, Susan Jacobs, Gina Judy, Elliot Lengal, Harold Maiella, Thomas Marcy, Claude Marrangoni, Elise McKeown Skolnick, Nancy McLean, Jody Neugebauer, Terry Polonsky, Carl Reinhard, Sherri Riddel Cohen, Lynn Roberts, Debra Shingledecker, Paula Siebieda, James Tobin, Debra Tobin, Kate Turek-Frissora, Judith Waddington and Gwen Waight. 

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