The Churning Movement of Stillness

Jan 31Mar 16, 2023

by Judy Hodge

Judy Hodge’s The Churning Movement of Stillness offers a collection of semi-abstracted landscapes in the Main Galleries that are both familiar in content and full of meaning. They look almost like Tiffany windows that are accompanied by short verses of poetry connecting the viewer to a memory and/or an  experience as simple as the way the air moves through the leaves to muss one’s hair. 

“I feel the constant movement that seethes under stillness. I try to capture a moment, the way it feels to be there, to walk right in.” 

Among the Buffalo native’s earliest influences was Vincent Van Gogh. Although her formal education at the State University of New York at Buffalo gave her a good foundation in painting and art history that opened her up to new influences; Walter Prochownick. Seymour Drumlevitch, and Tom Thompson of the Canadian Group of Seven. 

An interdisciplinary Masters in art and computer science led Hodge into a twenty-year career in advertising.  She did not return to painting until 2013.  Yet, by 2014, she was accepted as an exhibiting artist with The Buffalo Society of Artists and went on to win their Gold prize in 2017.  Today she is represented in galleries and private collections all around the United States and in Japan.

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