Watercolors by J.D. Titzel

Mar 21Apr 27, 2023

Largely self-taught watercolor artist, J.D. Titzel, has drawn and painted since high school. He began his college career as an art major at Wittenberg University but found he couldn’t connect with the largely popular abstract movement. He changed majors and graduated first in his class of around 450 pilots from the aeronautical science program at Miami Dade College, continuing to paint and draw on the side.

When he paints in watercolor, Titzel builds color slowly in very thin layers of paint. Some areas are 2-3 layers while others are attained in 10 or more layers. This gives the painting more nuances and depth than a single color can achieve. The average watercolor painting takes seventy hours to complete. However, he has taken close to 300 hours to complete a single painting.

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