Foundlings: Objects of Some Unknown History or Purpose

Aug 30Oct 27, 2022

Robbii Wessen arranges found objects in a formal style where balance, composition and texture are integral elements from which he can explore the redemptive qualities of discarded material. His limited color palette comes from the materials used, such as: aged, dark wood; brass, silver and gold leaf; machine parts; rusted metal; glass and natural elements. With artificial mechanisms, parts of unknown objects and bits of nature, each assemblage speaks of some unknown purpose or history. His assemblages become little shrines to unknown deities or reminders of memories familiar but long past. They speak not only of some unknown history but they speak of Wessen’s history as well. He calls them “Foundlings”.

A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Wessen has exhibited his work throughout the US and abroad most recently at the Bristol Art Museum in RI, the New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut.

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