Emerging Artist Exhibit

Sep 26Nov 9, 2023

Three young artists will present their latest bodies of work at The Confluence thanks to a new initiative by Arts & Education at the Hoyt to support the professional development of children as artists.  Students as young as three years old can apply for an exhibit that, if awarded, walks one through the steps of preparing to show and promote their work in a public setting.

Gweneth King, Addison (Addi) Rodenbaugh, and Braiden Douds were among the first students to apply, and the first to be awarded an exhibit at The Confluence in downtown New Castle

Gweneth is a freshman at Grove City High School.  Addison is a junior at Hickory High School, and Braiden is a senior at Mercer High School.   While all teens, the arts center has received applications from students as young as nine years old “and they are likely to get a show” says Hoyt’s Executive Director, Kimberly Koller-Jones.  

“It is all about nurturing imagination and celebrating creativity to encourage innovative thinkers and makers,” she added.  “Athletes can shine on a field.  Artists need a gallery.”

While Gweneth’s, Addi’s, and Braiden’s work is different in many ways, these three high school students share an early fascination with making marks on paper with pencil, crayon or paint for as long as they can remember.  They also share a desire to pursue a professional career in the arts in the future.  

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