Creative Play

Sep 21, 2019Jun 27, 2020

Workshop Description

Creative Play is designed to provide our youngest innovators, ages 3-7, the opportunity to draw, paint, design, build, invent and engineer the world they imagine. As an official Imagination Chapter, we’ll participate in global design challenges and share our art and inventions on our Facebook Page.

Classes are free and meet once a month on Saturdays, 10-11:30 am. Parents are welcome to stay (but it is not required).

September 21: Build a Bridge!
Have you ever wondered how zookeepers move animals safely from one place to another? Help us move our own mini animals from one table to another by working in teams to build bridges!

October 26: Global Cardboard Challenge: Making Music!
Each year the Imagination Foundation challenges students to identify a problem and dream up a solution using nothing but cardboard to build a proto-type. We think the world needs more music! Students will be encouraged to invent their own instruments from recyclable cardboard!

November 16: No Class
Join Us at the Holiday Open House for free activities!

January 25: Shadow Art
Groundhog Day is just around the corner! So what better way to celebrate than experimenting with shadows? Students will make, trace and overlap shadows with crayons to create interesting patterns then paint the shapes with watercolor washes (wax resist).

February 29: Kalediscopes
Transform paper tubes into kaleidoscopes! We’ll learn about reflections, create and test bright marker designs, and try to predict what our patterns will look like!

March 21: Collage a Story
Stories are a wonderful way of communicating with one another through images and words. Piece together a story of your very own by making a collage using magazine images and other paper. Start with a character and a setting and see where your imagination takes you!

April 25: Earth Day Cardboard Challenge: Upcycled Flowers and Pots
Let’s get creative while helping the environment by repurposing recyclable materials into flowerpots! We’ll create some spring flowers, too, to fill them just in time for Mother’s Day!

May 23: Inventor’s Challenge
Be an inventor! New ideas are developed every day to improve the world around us. This is your chance to tackle a common problem – no matter the size. Students will design, build, and share their new inventions.

June 27: Unordinary Outdoor Painting
We’ll be mixing science and sun to experiment with unordinary painting techniques outdoors!

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