Ceramics: Tuesdays Fall 2021

$230 Non-members | $200 Members
Instructor: Nancy Sontich-Lenhart
Sep 21Nov 9, 2021

Tuesdays, 6-8:30 pm

Be prepared to get dirty while learning skills of hand building, the potter’s wheel, and glazing.  The projects are as endless as your imagination. Tuition includes 25lbs of clay, glazes and firing.  Enrolled students may use the studio outside class (on days no other classes are scheduled) up until 30 minutes prior to closing. Please bring old towels.  All wet work must be completed by week 6. There will be no formal class on week 7. Instead, students may use studio time to trim pieces. Week 8 is devoted to glazing. Work not glazed by week 8 will not be glaze fired. Please note that ONE additional 25 lb bag of clay. may be purchased for $75.  Students are not permitted to bring in clay purchased outside of the studio. Capacity: 10 students.  Minimum: 4 students.  Non-members: $230/Members: $200.


This class is full. Check out our Thursday Ceramics class!

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