Pixelated Worlds

Jan 31Mar 16, 2023

Chalfen’s Pixelated Worlds is the first to greet visitors at the door with paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces that focus on patterns that vibrate, bloom, cluster, and break apart in dazzling color. At times they are constructivist, abstract, geometric and even psychedelic. Yet all demonstrate a playful obsession with detail that is reflective of the riffs, hooks and poetic forms used in music. Therefore, it is no surprise to learn that the largely self-taught Philadelphia artist is also a musician.

“My process mirrors that of my songwriting and music arranging, involving the repetition of a small selection of formal elements and subtle variations…. More recent abstract geometric pieces explore themes of nostalgia, anxiety, climate change, play, and allusions to impenetrable data, all reflective of, and perhaps counter to, accelerating social and psychic instability in the world.”

The work exhibited alludes to aerial views, cartography, architectural renderings, musical notation, urban-like densities, and other natural and man-made patterns, which often spill out over edges to suggest an unseen continuation.

In the last few years, Chalfen’s work has been featured at Abington Art Center in Philadelphia and The Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington, DE. 

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