Videography Campers create short Film

Superheroes, super-spies, and lion kings, and hyper-traditional Swedes got nothing on the kids in this summer’s Videography for Teens Camp. From acting, directing, and producing their new short film, The School for Deities, these young adults can do it all—and they’re having a great time with it. My first question for the class was “What … Read more

Fireworks! An Es-STEAM-ed Project

The process behind making fireworks is super cool. There’s a lot of moving parts and the planning is science intensive, using a lot of chemistry and engineering. But for all its science, the process is also super artsy! To be a good firework technician, you need an eye for color and patterns. The two most … Read more

Grit, Empathy, and Art

There’s a lot of debate around whether or not art teaches empathy. Some people say yes, art can create a more empathetic mindset; others say no, art only does this for individuals who already have high empathy. Whether or not you have an opinion on the matter, art is a great tool to practice empathetic … Read more