Lynne Provance, Provances Pieces

PO Box 74
West Farmington, OH

(216) 496-9004

Facebook: @ProvancesPiecesUSA
Instagram: @provancelynne

Lynne Provance is an international stained glass artist residing in state of Ohio, USA for 8 months and Canda for 4 months. Her glass art has been featured in The Stained Glass News, the Delphi Creativity Arts Catalogues, and Delphi online seasonal/daily deals from 2009 to the present. She offers stained glass art classes and Ukrainian and Make It & Take It glass art workshops in both locations. She enjoys designing and constructing original pieces & she finds painting with the colored glass both interesting and challenging. She is fascinated by how light is reflected through the different colors, styles, and textures of glass. Repairs, collaborations and, custom designs are certainly welcome. Her works has been viewed in many juried shows.

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