Jason Amatangelo, JayArt23

6573 Ponderosa Dr.
Erie, PA

(614) 578-5024



Facebook @JayArt23
Instagram @JayArt23

I’m an artist based in Erie, PA, who makes art that doesn’t seem to be really what’s there. So no, I’m not trying to be a philosophical artist. I mean literally. I love to make illusions that make people question what’s happening inside the shadowbox frame. I classify myself as a hybrid sculptor/painter. It may be hard to see on your monitor, but each piece is a low relief build-up of many layers. Some may have over 25 layers. These layers work together to give a platform for each geometric shape and the overall three-dimensional illusion. I like to call it Analog 3-D. No wires or plugs are needed! Instead, the ambient light in the room does this. The unique thing about my art is how it changes throughout the day.

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