Kimberly B. Koller-Jones, Executive Director

When the Board of Trustees at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts chose to change our name to the Hoyt Center for the Arts, they chose to move the Hoyt beyond one of the city’s premiere cultural attractions to an inclusive and accessible hub for creative community engagement in Lawrence County.

Successful programs such as After School Arts and the Children’s Summer Art Camp are demonstrative of the social and educational value of the museum and the vital role the Hoyt Center can play in the revitalization of our region.  This role is not limited to children or education but inclusive of opportunities to preserve the best New Castle has to offer in terms of its history, architecture and creative capital.  Our 1917 homes, for example, represent two of the best preserved remnants of the city’s prosperous past.

The steps we have taken, from rehabilitating the historic facility to expanding the school program, have prepared the Hoyt Center to impact the community in a positive, meaningful way.  As the population declines and negative influences grow, the Hoyt Center has positioned itself as a resource for school districts, parents, children, social service agencies, the arts community and citizens at-large.   Free school programs help achieve state curriculum standards; free after-school arts programs provide an excellent alternative to childcare for latchkey kids; and free daily admission and a generous scholarship program ensure equal access to all programs regardless of means.  Best yet, the Hoyt Center continues to provide metropolitan quality exhibitions, an elegant venue for annual events, and opportunities for professional artists to teach, exhibit and perform works of exceptional quality.

It is no wonder then that the Trustees also chose to change our mission statement from encouraging “an awareness, understanding, appreciation and practice of the Arts” to “expanding and enriching the life of the community through participation in the arts”.  While we seek to provide the best possible arts for the individual, we also seek to improve the overall quality of life for Lawrence County.  We are  proud to impact on an average 20,000 individuals each year.

Membership is available to individuals, families, businesses, and philanthropies on numerous levels providing the backbone of programming support. The Hoyt Center for the Arts is not to be confused with the Hoyt Foundation and does not provide grants or college scholarships. For more information on how to become involved with “keeping the arts alive” in your community, please phone 724-652-2882.

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